Welcome to nuPyProp

nuPyProp is a Monte Carlo simulation package which models the neutrino flux attenuation and the energy distribution of the leptons it creates while propagating through the Earth. The package is also a part of nuSpaceSim.

The code package contains 7 main modules:-

1. Data: This is responsible for reading and writing data to the lookup tables hdf file and the resultant output hdf file.

2. Geometry: Mostly deals with the Earth geometry and the functions needed for generating water and column density trajectories for propagating through the Earth.

3. Neutrino Cross-Sections: Serves as a customizable template for the different neutrino & anti-neutrino cross-section models.

4. Lepton Energy Loss Models: Also serves as a customizable template for the different charged lepton (tau and mu) electromagnetic energy loss models.

5. Propagation: The only fortran module in the packge, which simulates the propagation of the particles inside the Earth. It contains some Earth geometry functions, interpolation and propagation subroutines, and has been wrapped in python using f2py.

6. Main Module: Used for initializing parameters, cross-sections and energy loss models. It is a pythonic interface for using the propagation module.

7. Run: Used for parsing runtime arguments and parameters for running the code.

Use the sidebar on the left to access the documentation for each module.